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I grew up at 445 Elm in my home town in California. No matter how far life has taken me, 445 Elm remains close to my heart. It was there I learned to appreciate what I had, how I was raised, and how to take care of my resources for long-lasting use. I learned about conserving water and energy and reducing waste. Our cities are being swallowed up by toxic air pollution, rampant deforestation, irresponsible use of chemicals, and we are in need of alternative energy sources to combat climate change. These are some of the many issues shape my passion for a better path forward, a sustainable one for future generations.

I began my environmental career in 1990 as a consultant to businesses complying with air quality regulations in southern California. From there I went into providing ridesharing alternatives for groups of employees with long commutes to work. I then spent 15 years helping Disney reduce its environmental impacts by helping employees find better ways to get to work than driving alone and developing environmental goals and policies to help them achieve world-class sustainability standards.

My passion is to help others achieve those same standards on their own. As a tribute to my home and all the experiences that have brought me to this place, I am excited to present ELM445™: an online store of sustainable and ethically sourced home goods. I welcome you to join me here at ELM445™ so we can create a better path forward together.

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