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Caring for your Bamboo and Wood Products

Bamboo and wood evoke a calm that comes when we are enjoying nature. It has a beauty and serenity about it that makes it attractive as the material of choice for home goods, décor and furniture. These items have a texture that is pleasant and warm making our home feel more comfortable and inviting, just as we feel drawn to the peacefulness of nature.

To keep our bamboo and wood products looking and performing their best, we have to take care of them. Unlike plastic, which is waterproof but cold and unfeeling, wood and bamboo can’t be exposed to water for prolonged periods of time such as soaking or spending an hour or two in the dishwasher. They require a more personal touch. In short, wash them with warm water and mild soap then immediately dry off the excess water and let them finish air drying. This will prevent cracking and splintering. Every month or so, rub them with a food-grade mineral oil to further prevent cracking and splintering, but this will also help them maintain that youthful appearance with a nice sheen. Sort of like we do with lotions and creams and serums.

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate proper care of your wood and bamboo products:

Take good care of your bamboo and wood items and they’ll serve you well for years. We continually add new products to our store including many bamboo and wood items so check back with us regularly to find just what you need to reduce the use of non-recycled plastic or disposable plastic ware.

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Sustainably yours,

The ELM445™ Team

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