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ELM445 Has a New Look!

Its been over a year since we launched the ELM445® online store and, needless to say, we have learned a little along the way. We are having a Grand Re-Opening celebration! We have upgraded the look and experience of the site with the help of Media City Design. It has a fresh new look and everything is easy to locate on the home page. Its also faster and more responsive in both online and mobile versions.

Features of Our New and Improved Site

  • We have added FREE SHIPPING for all orders of $75 or more!

  • Get 20% off your first order when you subscribe.

  • If you're already subscribed, get 20% off with code MYELM445.

  • We donate 2% of sales to environmental and wildlife conservation organizations.

  • You can create a wish list.

  • Find products easily from the home page.

  • You can click on featured blog articles from the home page too.

We hope you will take a moment to view the new and improved ELM445® and please let us know what you think. Take advantage of the savings on our products and the shipping.

As always, we appreciate your support!

Sustainably yours,

The ELM445® Team

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