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Recycling can be confusing. We can help!

Updated: May 21, 2023

Recycling used goods is such a key component of sustainability, not just to reduce waste but to keep the raw materials of the products in play as long as possible. The challenges have been two-fold. First, getting people to actually sort recyclables at home and work is a big challenge, and second, understanding exactly what and how to recycle items leads us back to the first challenge. We need better information that makes it easier to recycle. This is where How2Recycle labels come in.

There have been many attempts to solve the issue of better informing us on what and how to recycle. Some businesses and cities have used several different bins with signage over each bin as to what or what types of items can be deposited. The can and bottle recycle bin made sense with a hole in the top just big enough for them to fit through – doesn’t stop people from throwing trash in them though. I’ve even helped at large events standing at bins and helping people dispose of their items in the right one!

Many items have a recycle symbol or printed directions to “please recycle.” Some items, however, are still difficult to know whether or not they can be recycled and if so, how. To ease our confusion, GreenBlue has implemented a labeling system across the US and Canada known as How2Recycle®. It was developed by their Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a group of major corporations, trying to help increase recycling rates, reduce packaging, as well as make product packaging that is better for the environment.

The labels show how to prepare the material for recycling, the recycling potential, the product material, and the recyclable parts of the packaging. Visit How2Recycle for more information on how to use the labels and see the quick video below to get you started.

ELM445™ currently has a set of Pilot B2P (bottle to pen) gel pens made from recycled plastic bottles, which is one of my favorite writing instruments. We will be introducing more products made from recycled materials, especially plastics, so visit often!

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback regarding our articles, products and the online experience. If you have purchased items or plan to, please leave us a review on each product to help our site get better placement on internet searches.

Sustainably yours,

The ELM445™ Team

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