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Time to let go of all those plastic hair brushes that will be around for hundreds of years once they are discarded. When you’re ready to replace your old brush, this beautifully crafted bamboo hair brush has a solid bamboo handle with solid bamboo bristles and the bristle bed is made of all natural rubber. It easily detangles hair, helps increase shine, reduces static and feels great on your scalp. It is plastic-free, reducing the need for petroleum, and reduces plastic waste as well. And the bamboo and natural rubber are materials that are completely renewable in nature whereas plastic, made from petroleum, is not.


Bamboo is a “grass” which grows much more rapidly than trees putting less stress on forests and their inhabitants. It allows trees to grow and collect and store more carbon dioxide helping to decrease warming on the planet. And should you need a handy place to store your new bamboo hair brush, you will find this bamboo rotating organizer is a great option. Little changes like this in the home help move the needle to a more sustainable economy and environment.

Bamboo Hair Brush Bamboo Bristles Natural Rubber Bristle Bed

  • Weight .18 lbs
    Dimensions 8.75 × 2.75 × 1.75 in

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