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Start your child off to school this Fall with eco-friendly supplies. For writing, try the world’s first pens made from recycled plastic bottles! These Pilot B2P pens have been around for a few years and I love writing with them. They are my pen of choice, but difficult to find in stores. You get to enjoy the same long-lasting, smooth-writing premium gel ink as the Pilot G2, in a barrel made of up to 89% recycled plastic made from discarded single use plastic bottles – a great way to reduce waste and use a valuable resource (plastic) in new products more efficiently than making them with new raw materials.


Single-use plastic beverage bottles are among the most recycled plastics in the U.S. as a number of states offer deposit and buy-back programs. These recycled plastic pens are refillable and reusable for continued use and this five pack includes one each of Black, Turquoise, Purple, Pink and Lime Green pens. Point Size: 0.7 mm; Point Type: Fine; Pen Type: Gel.


See our other great eco friendly products to get your student off to a great start this year like our bamboo rotating desk organizer, reusable and recyclable zip-lock sandwich bags, and personal bamboo utensil set. Get yours today!

Recycled Plastic Pens Multicolor 5-pack Fine .07mm

  • Weight .16 lbs
    Dimensions 4.25 × .5 × 7.5 in

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